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Communist League of India (Marxist-Leninist) is a communist revolutionary organization committed to socialist revolution as an integral part of world socialist revolution.

It upholds Marxism-Leninism-Mao-Tse Tung thought. Its ultimate goal is classless communist society organized on the principle: 'From each according to his/her ability, to each according to his/her need.'

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 Proletarians! It Is Time To Move Ahead 

        People of the Arab world are in ferment. There have been uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia and in dozen other countries like Algeria, Yemen, Jordan etc. The erstwhile dictator presidents of Egypt and Tunisia have fled and other rulers of Arab world are trembling with fear. Nay, rulers of other parts of world are feeling the ground slipping under their feet.
          According to bourgeois and imperialist hacks the uprising in Egypt and Tunisia were the results of inflation, unemployment and corruption in the dictatorial regimes which did not attend to people's problems. Now that these dictators have fled, democracy, that is bourgeois democracy, will be established in these countries and then everything will be fine. They are preaching the rebellious masses to go to sleep and let the bourgeoisie to run the show. They are mortally afraid that masses, particularly the proletariat might not heed bourgeoisie and go on to make an actual revolution!
          Actually the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia were caused by immense devastation wrought on the working people, particularly working class, by the predatory capitalism of modern times, also known by the name of globalized and liberalized capitalism. Add to this the design and mechanizations of American imperialism. Then the picture is complete.
          Globalized capitalism, under the domination of imperialism is wreaking havoc with the masses. Past three decades have been unmitigated disasters for the masses. Their lives have been ruined.
          At the same time, the ruling bourgeoisie of these countries, along with a tiny petty-bourgeois section has enriched itself enormously and led a life of First World rich in the midst of third world poor. Corruption is part and parcel of this milieu.
          American imperialists have manipulated the Arab world to suit their interests in this part of the world. Israel is their lynchpin there. Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak were willing tools of the American imperialists. Abandoning the policies of Nasser period and sacrificing the interests of Palestinian people, these reactionary bourgeois rulers aligned themselves with the imperialists, particularly American imperialists and went totally against their own people. They implemented the policies of globalization and to suppress people's resistance assumed dictatorial powers.
          In medieval sheikhdoms situation is horrendous. There the American imperialists even do not pretend to act in the interest of democracy and freedom. There their self interest is all too clear. There too the masses are seething with anger against American imperialism and imperialism generally.
          To counter this anger, American imperialists have deliberately fanned the flames of religious fundamentalism and terrorism. Religious fundamentalism and terrorism in Arab world are the direct result of designs and doings of American imperialists in the last six decades, along with British imperialists. In the last three decades imperialism and religious fundamentalism are enforcing each other and presenting before the masses false alternative of choosing between the two.
          Now the masses have spoken. And they have spoken in the language they best know - coming in the street. Despite all the self assurances of imperialists and their local lackeys like Mubarak and Ben Ali people have shown that they and only they are real masters of countries. Now fearful of the masses, the imperialists and bourgeoisie are trying to fool the masses in submission. They want to return to 'normal situation'.
          But masses are themselves heterogeneous. There are urban petty-bourgeois elements. There are impoverished small property holders. There are semi-proletarians. And finally, there is proletariat, the most advance class of history.
          These uprisings were mass revolts. These were leaderless and almost spontaneous. These were not organized. There were no organized parties leading them. In spite of all these weaknesses, they achieved something. But these were fatal weaknesses.
          Now petty-bourgeois elements of the revolt will prove to be most susceptible to bourgeois illusions of democracy. They will come under the influence of some imperialists against whom the hatred is unlimited. They will swallow the slogan of 'Mission Accomplished'.
          But imperialists and local reactionary bourgeoisie is intelligent enough. They will try to cool down the situation and revert to business as usual. Only one or two persons at the top may change. Even the bourgeois democracy is mere verbal concession on their part.
          But proletariat is under no illusion to this bourgeois democracy. It sees through the bourgeois democracy of imperialist countries and of third world countries like India. It can not fail to see the extraordinary high level of poverty, unemployment and corruption in India. Despite its 'glorious' bourgeois democracy, India is among the most wretched of the countries. At the same time likes of Tata and Ambani are straddling in the stratosphere with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
          It is clear for the proletariat that only real alternative to rule of degenerate bourgeoisie is the rule of working class. Only revolution in the true sense of the word will lift the masses from this wretched condition.
          How will this revolution be accomplished? It will be accomplished by capturing the state power by overthrowing the bourgeois from power along with their foreign master i.e. imperialists. Only by arming the masses, armed revolt by the masses and disintegration of the old army can the proletariat capture the state power. After doing this it has to smash the state machinery of bourgeoisie and erect in its place a state machinery of its own. Only in this way it can go for the socialization of means of production and distribution and usher in a new society.
          Proletariat of the Arab world will have to move in this direction. In Egypt and Tunisia they have shown their great strength. Without the participation proletariat Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali could not have been dislodged. But it is only just beginning. Proletariat has to move forward and move quickly without letting the momentum cease. Of course, proletariat in these countries, as in the rest of countries, is greatly hampered in its revolutionary mission due to lack of its parties, the communist parties. Without the guidance and organization by communist parties proletarian revolution cannot be successful, even if it is possible to capture the state power for a short while.
          Herein lies the great responsibilities o the shoulders of communist revolutionaries. They have their activities ten folds and build communist parties to lead the revolution. These uprisings by breaking the spell of a unchallenged rule of reactionary classes have created a very great favorable atmosphere for this endeavor.
          In today's globalized  capitalism uprisings and revolts in any part of the world can ignite similar flames in the other parts of the world and similarly can draw strength and support from the other parts of the world. Proletariat of entire world will come to the rescue of a proletariat revolution in any country. Keeping this in mind, our call to the proletariat should be - Proletarians! It is time to move ahead.    07.02.2011